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How to apply our decals to the Macbook Pro 15"

Martin Goldsmith

Well, rather than just give a written step by step guide on how to apply our decals, we thought a video would be so much better.

We have some to show you, one of our most basic version, one of a more advanced but you will see both work the same way.

For the step by step written guide, please

  1. Clean your device thoroughly, lint free cloths are best but a wet wipe will work just as long as you allow the surface to dry.
  2. Re-apply pressure to the decal through the backing paper to ensure a decent adhesion.
  3. Gently apply the decal, not putting any pressure (yet) to allow removal should you miss align it.
  4. If happy with the placement,  then apply more pressure to all the printed decal area through the backing film.  
  5. Slowly remove the backing tape in a diagonal direction, do this slowly to not rip the decal with it and also giving you time to fix any elements that may stay stuck to the decal.
  6. Chuck waste in bin/recycling and look at your new modded item with a cheerful smile (nodding with joy is optional but recommended)
  7. Tell mates about us and let them get one of their choosing (pressing the Like or Share button would help us out greatly)

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