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GNG PS4 Slim Console Camo Skin Decal Vinal Sticker + 2 Controller Skins Set

GNG PS4 Slim Console Camo Skin Decal Vinal Sticker + 2 Controller Skins Set


VINYL BACKED SKINS FOR PS4 Slim- These have a 3 layer technololgy, The image is printed onto photo paper, covered in a laminate for protection and a rear adhesive film to easily stick to your console precisly precut to fit perfectly and with no bubbles.
PS4 Slim SKINS CONTROLLER - Included in the set are 2 PS4 Slim Controller skins, pre cut with all the holes for the buttons and sticks allowing for an easy application.
Playstation PS4 Slim DECAL FULL BODY SKIN AND 2X LIGHT BAR CONTROLLER DECALS - This comes with the complete kit, covering your console with 4 stickers for all sides and 2 x controller skins.
REMOVABLE PS4 Slim STICKERS CONTROLLERS & CONSOLE - Both the PS4 Slim console stickers and PS4 Slim controller skins are stickers that are applied with no tools only taking a few minutes. If you get a new game and fancy a change, take them off with as much ease. Got one of our Light Bar Decals or looking to get one, this kit is fully compaitible with neither impacting the other.
PS4 Slim COMPATIBLE - Please note, this isn't compatible with the PS4 Slim S or Pro, if this is needed, search for "giZmoZ PS4 Slim S Skin" or "giZmoZ PS4 Slim Pro Skin"

PS4 Slim Camo Skin Set Brought to you by giZmoZ n gadgetZ

This is a Personalized sticker, with self-adhesive. Not a film
Easy Install and Removal. Leaves Behind No Sticky Residue.
Stylish and colorful design, PS4 Slim skin sticker is flexible and adhesive, it can be stick on the surface compactly.
Slim matte material, perfect fit, personality

Instruction Manuals
1. Take the PS4 Slim skin sticker out from the packing and confirm the skin sticker without defect
2. Clear your device with soft cloth and ensure there are no dust on the surface of the console
3. Peel off the skin from the paper sheet and stick it on your device

Package Includes
1 set Stickers ( 1 Console + 2 Controllers Sticker Skin )
( without original package )

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