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Custom Design Special Effects Martial Arts Wall Canvas

Custom Design Special Effects Martial Arts Wall Canvas


Framed Custom Canvas Wall Art Print

Designed and Made in the UK

Using Photoshop a skilled artist will add a host of special effects that just work with action shots. 

Flashes, splashes of paint, light lines, ghost marks and other custom designs to get your image to stand out, all focused on the subject matter in hand.

These fine prints are made using the highest quality printers, EPSON SC S80600 with Genuine Epson ink.

Everyone has a custom photo canvas of a picture of them or their dog, few have something so unique as our personaliZed wall art and is the perfect gift

Got an image receiving your Martial Arts belt, a great flying crab scissors (my favorite) or the perfectly timed image of a punch about to connect then we can make you remember these for ever.  Look back in 10 years, "I remember that day when I  ....."  We can even put custom text on the canvas edge using our font which works perfectly with these designs like a date or occasion. (Check the images out for an example) 

Manufacture steps

Your part,

All we need from you is a high quality photo with a resolution of 1800px high and 3500px wide.  This doesn't have to be a top of the range camera, most phones will achieve this and if slightly under we can still work with the image but would advise not to purchase a frame larger than A2 as lower images can distort.

If unsure then send the picture to us at with a brief message and we can check it out.  

Please note, DO NOT grab a picture from Facebook, these are crushed when uploaded on there and will not end up in a good quality print.  Originals are best.


If you want to customiZe the colour of the special effects of your canvas or add some txt in the corner such as a date, belt, throw, name, from etc then please add this in the checkout stage. Click "Add to cart" then "Add a note to your order"

Our Part

1st our in house designers who will take every care to design a unique piece for yourself or for an amazing present, spending time to blend colours to give a fantastic impact, ensuring all finer detail like faces, belt grades and anything else you ask for is left unblemished from our special effects. We will remove the background of the main person/people leaving just the artists themself.  We pick colours based around the picture content and if it works, try to add a splash of colour from your belt grade.  

2nd We send a watermarked version to you by email for your approval, want a couple of touch up's then let us know. 

3rd Once approved it is sent to our print department who will run the print out in our HD settings for the clearest clarity.  We use Genuine Epson Solvent ink so this in fade and water resistant as well as protected form abrasions due to the quality of the ink.

Lastly,  Stretched in house around Genuine Russian Kiln Dried pine frames, we don't use cardboard boxes so these will last a lifetime, attached to a hanging hook so you don't need anything else, then sent out in our protective packaging for an amazing gift to yourself or others.  

We will then also send a non watermarked version to your email so you can use it on places like facebook and instagram.

All of this in 48 hours and available to ship all over the world with tracking for the same price as a normal canvas.



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